Young Men Sharpened – Families Changed – By Modeling The Life of Christ

Lashing winds with speeds over 100 mph ripped walnut trees from their roots, smashed windows and leveled buildings on the property April 8, 2015 and no one was injured.

What does a man do when turmoil and challenges come his way?  Is he uprooted, does he break, or does he stand firm with a solid foundation of character sharpened for just that day when the winds and rains will come to try to tear him up?

— God’s love provides strength and hope for tomorrow

whetstone – a textured stone used for sharpening wood

Ebenezer – a stone of help

Whetstone Boys Ranch serves to “sharpen the character of young men by modeling the life of Christ, mentoring them through authentic relationships, imparting the love of creation and teaching the joy of work, thus equipping them to be servant-leaders in their families and communities.”

God had protected and helped them in the storm and building an Ebenezer cabin would be a way for the boys and the staff to remember for a lifetime that God is their help in times of trouble. Christ For Youth Charities Foundation partnered with a matching grant to fund the roof of the cabin – giving thanks to God for providing safety during the storm.

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